Monday, 14 September 2009

08 Update

I've made some progress: constructing the outside frames and, most recently, fitting the coupling rods. The trickiest part was soldering the cranks squarely to the extended axles. When quartering I had to make more adjustments to deal with crankpins that weren't parallel to the axles than I did to get the angles of each wheel right.

I'm still not totally convinced that the chassis rolls down the tilted test track as smoothly with coupling rods as without, but it's close. I still need to attach the motor and see how it runs. Luckily the wheels are just held in the muffs by friction so are still adjustable. I haven't decided yet whether to glue them or not, but if I opt for glueing I want to check more carefully with a back-to-back gauge first (which I need to obtain...).

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