Sunday, 11 December 2011

Highland Railway brake van - update

After a rather long delay, the brake van is now complete except for couplings. I also want to tone down the paintwork a little next time I have the airbrush out.

I used Phoenix Precision Paints "Caledonian freight wagon oxide" for the sides, and a brighter red for the ends. The roof should be white but I went for a pale grey to try and tone it down a little. I wasn't sure whether the sides of the roof lookout should be oxide or white, although one (black and white) photo from LMS days looked more like oxide, so I went for that.

Transfers were individual letters from Fox sheet FG1003 in the "Franklin heavy" typeface. The handrails were added from 0.3mm steel wire fitting into the holes which I had previously opened out. Finally, glazing panels were cut from clear styrene sheet, and fixed in place with Microscale Kristal Klear. After failed efforts to cut pieces to fit the strangely-shaped windows in the roof lookout, I gave up and simply filled these with Kristal Klear itself.

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