Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Seen at Nottingham

Here are a few pictures taken at the Nottingham show last weekend, where Corrieshalloch appeared as a work in progress alongside a sizeable demonstration of 2mm modelling. A first coat of paint on the nascent scenery has made a world of difference!

The next shot is rather grainy - we discovered that those seated at the nearby demonstration table had a nice vantage point:

 Finally a visiting train from points (far) south, courtesy of Pixie:


Julias Modelopolis said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures Anthony, they really do convey a sense of a railway in the landscape. I love the overall presentation of the layout too.


David Varley said...

Nice photos Anthony - I particularly like the low down shot - very atmospheric already!


Anthony Yeates said...

Thanks for your comments folks. It was quite motivating for me to spend some time looking at the layout, so maybe this will spur me on to more rapid progress.