Saturday, 31 January 2009

What's on my Workbench?

Here are a couple of photos of my current project: a BR Diagram 1/506 brake van, from the Association etched kit. Unfortunately the camera is good at showing up the imperfections such as remaining blobs of solder.

The next stage will be the handrails, of which there are many. The holes drilled out for these are visible in the photos. My intention is then to paint and glaze the van before attaching the roof. I'm still thinking about how to do the glazing.

Construction up to this point has been generally straightforward, though some fun and games were had trying to fit the triangular gussets on to the solebars. Soldering proved beyond my capability, so I resorted to glueing, and even this was troublesome. The main problem was that the slots in the solebar were still a bit too narrow, even after my attempts to widen them with a knife blade.


Peter Whitehead said...

Looks very good to me and even in large photo format I wasn't aware of the solder blobs to which you refer. The quality of your work puts some larger scale modellers' efforts to shame.

Peter Whitehead

Anthony Yeates said...

The particular blob I had in mind is on the inside end panel of the right-hand verandah. It was the first thing I noticed after posting the photo!