Friday, 3 March 2017

On the bench

This little project was conceived to fill a corner of an etched sheet that I just got back from the etchers. (Of the rest of this sheet, more anon!) It is a Highland Railway bench of the type shown in Plate 178 of Peter Tatlow's Highland Miscellany. Some photos of a similar bench are available on the HR chat group.

The etch went together OK. Although these are cruel enlargements, I do wonder whether it was necessary to double-up the ends. They seem a bit chunky and were awkward to laminate, so on the second (identical) etch I may try a single layer. The twiddly details are rather impressionistic, but hopefully are vaguely reminiscent of the pattern of leaves on the real metalwork. I certainly don't see that I could have produced them by any means other than etching. Next question: what colour to paint it?

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